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The Martin Photo website has been revamped - with a lot of effort, a bit of struggle and a fresh new look we now have an upgraded place to present the imagery. More pages will be added soon, including an "Image of the Week" page with our latest work and detailing the process behind the image creation. Check back soon for this great new feature.


Muse 2009 Project - Shoot 1

Cheryl Russell

The first shoot in the Muse 2009 project has now been completed with Cheryl. Artistically it seemed to make most sense to start the series with a very natural set of fine art nudes shot in the studio. A variety of these images have been posted to the Photobox Pro site where they can be purchased - just go to the Buy Prints page and click through to the lab site.


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Muse 2009 Project Commencement

That main project for this year will be "Muse 2009", a collaboration with model Cheryl Russell in which we will work as a team of photographer and model to create an array of different looks, themes and visual ideas. Cheryl will be the only model for this project which will mostly shot in the studio with some outdoor work. The purpose of the project is to ultimately produce an intimate book that will be available through Blurb demonstrating the beauty and variety inside a single person.
Muse 2009 will complete towards the end of the year with picture selection for the book going into early 2010 before the publication will be available.